How to Stop Slicing the Golf Ball for Good

The slice: One of a golfer’s most absolutely confounding enemies. Let’s explore the mechanics of what causes your shot to veer so wildly off course and what you can do about it.

What is a Slice?

A slice is when the golf ball breaks mid-arc and veers far off its intended course, much like a good curveball.

The mechanics of a slice are nuanced, which is why slicing is such a problem for so many golfers. When you hit a square shot, your ball will rotate backward (backspin), and the dimpled surface of the ball will create sufficient air pressure to lift it upward. Continue reading

How to Learn to Play Better Golf 101

Think about how you first learned to play golf.

If you’re like most people, it probably looked something like this: You picked up a few second-hand clubs, got a few pointers from a friend or family member, maybe even took a couple of lessons from the local golf pro, then filled in the rest with practice both on the course and at the driving range.

After a few years, you refined your game enough that you consistently shoot in the low 100s, perhaps the 90s, but you slice and hook enough shots here and there that you don’t see any real improvement in your scores. Continue reading